We guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.

We install artificial grass for sports like football, tennis and golf, as well as for public spaces like children’s playgrounds and gardens.

We guarantee quality work and customer satisfaction.

We specialise in football fields – get FIFA or FIFA PRO certified installation directly from us. We pay great attention to safety hazards and use user-friendly tools.  

Safe and user-friendly

We remove the old artificial grass in a rolling fashion, then mark it and leave it to the client or find the grass another use. The turf rolls are made in a user-friendly way, which means there’s no need for special equipment for re-installation or handling. If needed, we will also fine-tune the elastic tile and set up the new sports field.

Artificial grass user health is paramount!

We offer artificial grass care and maintenance services: clean the rubber pellets from tire debris, adjust the upper pellets tile and if needed, add more padding.

For the filler, we suggest using ecological material that’s not toxic to health. It’s especially recommended that you use this kind of filler for indoor sports like football.

We stick to the budget.

We sell artificial turf for tennis, golf and football fields. We also offer decorative grass for landscaping.